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2022 Kootenay Blacksmith Association Spring Conference

The 2022 spring conference will include the association’s Annual General Meeting.

Spring Conference Details

Demonstration: This year the demonstrator will be Troy Flanders of Flanders Forge, based in Wasa, BC. The demonstration will be focused on discussing techniques and processes instead of forging. Attendees are encouraged to bring notebooks and lots of questions.
Venue: Doug Newell’s shop at 4337 48th Canyon, BC.
Dates: May 28 and 29, 2022
Saturday, May 28
10 am: Registration
10:30 am to noon: Knife making discussion and showcase of Troy’s work
Noon to 1pm: Lunch (bring your own)
1 pm – 4 pm: Further discussion and videos
4 pm – 5 pm: Annual General Meeting
5 pm or so: BBQ (bring food to grill; KBA will provide condiments, salad and the grill to cook on)
Auction: live auction after dinner
Sunday, May 29
9am to noon: hammer-in; knife blanks or other ironwork. Bring eye and ear protection!
Registration form will be available shortly. Email info@kootenay-blacksmiths.ca with any questions.

Flanders Forge (Troy Flander’s Website)