2008 – Steve Fontanini


The 2008 Spring conference was held at Kootenay Forge in Crawford Bay, with a very good attendance of over 40 people.

The happy demonstrator

Our demonstrator was Steve Fontanini from Jackson, Wyoming. Steve brought some wonderful pictures of some of his large scale architectural work, but his demonstrations were of a more manageable size! He forged some shelf brackets and a planter bracket, and finished up with a stylized snake. He worked hard, sweated lots, and showed his skill at the anvil.

Steve also has a business selling anvils of his own design. He brought a 300 pounder with him, which he sold to John Monteath of Calgary. (John was a demonstrator a couple of years ago, showing his repousse work on big leaves).

As usual with events at Kootenay Forge, the Crawford Bay Hall was booked for a catered dinner, followed by a meeting and auction.

Following are some pictures taken that weekend.

Steve’s Anvil – a thing of beauty!
Gunner strikes for Steve
Harley captures it all on video tape
Forging the “snake”
The “snake”
A pair of shelf brackets
A future blacksmith?


The fall meeting was held at the home and shop of President Chris Waters near Sundre, Alberta. Fall08-1There was a good turnout considering how far away it was from the Kootenays, and the weekend was enjoyed by all.

Here is a picture of the table that was auctioned in November 2008 to benefit the Sundre Public Library. Members at the fall conference that year made the components on the Sunday and it was assembled the following week by Chris Waters. Barry McElheeny of Sundre supplied the pine top.

Follow-up to the table project:

“The Sundre Library would like to thank the KBA for their contribution to the ‘Tables for Tales’ charity auction. It raised $400 for the library.  The funds raised during the event will go to improving literature inventories. Thank-you again.”

Some photos of that weekend:


Chris Waters






The happy, and a bit wet, participants.